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(225) 234-0149


Baton Rouge, Louisiana




The Bakers have a farm up the river. The song reminds me of my young days. The stone is perfectly smooth. This job is not for every person in the battery.

Don't run so fast. Someone needs to tell Gregor that. It'll be like a vacation.

They charged me too much. Isn't it strange that Beverly isn't here by now? The life in the university is significant. It is polite of her to write me back at once. You always have a choice. You can't run away. Omar wrote three letters. Beautiful, intelligent and hot - this describes what he is not. You should incubate your bacterial culture at 37 degrees.

We'll be in touch. You're the most beautiful woman in the world. I don't hate children! Show us what you're capable of. The names of the players are written on their lockers. Can't I come with you? I've had enough to eat. I like listening to music, and playing music even more.

Your idea is good. I learn in a classical school. What if something happens to Dori? We finished the homework in no time at all. We love our country with every grade of love.

We're workaholics. He's a glutton. Will you risk it?

The cat is eating the small mouse. Everybody is focused. Your name is familiar to me. It tasted good.

That's so kind. He who thinks he has learned enough has learned nothing. Shari could hardly wait to hear the news. I think I remember how to do that. The chief object of education is not to learn things; nay, the chief object of education is to unlearn things. Bobby often borrows money from me.

How long have you been in Kobe? The tree is high. Please tell me where the marketplace is. The train arrived bang on time. She glanced shyly at him.

"Are you Swedish?" "No, Swiss."

Shinji goes for a walk after dark every day. I saw you. Give them something to eat. We have to stop meeting like this. That's just plain wrong. Parents shouldn't let children be cruel to animals. Some things aren't going to change. I'm so sick of this. Which do you like, Coca Cola or Pepsi?